This blog was developed after leading a whisky tour to Scotland by Matthew Ferguson and Charles Grabitzky.  On this adventure, we visited 11 different distilleries.  A passion for understanding crafted spirits and travel was born from this journey.  It is our desire to share with you our visits to distilleries around the world and give you our take on the uniqueness of each distillery and the products that they bring to the market.  We hope you enjoy the journey with us.

Matthew Ferguson is a whiskey connoisseur and resides in Upstate New York.  He has spent the last 12 years working at 9 Maple Ave, a whiskey bar in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Charles Grabitzky loves to travel the world.  His interest in distilled spirits goes back to the early 1990s when living in Mexico and visiting tequila distilleries.  He currently resides in Upstate New York.  He is the founder of the Saratoga Whiskey Club (http://www.saratogawhiskeyclub.com) also runs exquisite food tours around the world at Travel with Doc, LLC

Both Matt and Charles lead whisk(e)y trips around the world.  Check out Travel Directions, Inc for a list of upcoming tours.

Please follow us as well on Twitter @stilltrippers and Instagram @whiskey_traveling


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